When you’re hurting or confused and you need help sorting out your feelings and resolving your conflicts, you want to work with an experienced well-trained professional. Counseling and psychotherapy are for everybody, including healthy people who want to problem-solve and enhance their lives.

From time to time, all of us struggle with challenges such as soul searching, confusion, and even despair. That’s why I believe that what I do is so important. I offer a safe, confidential, caring environment where together we can explore your thoughts, dreams, fears, and goals.

Going through the process of exploring one’s thoughts and feelings is a respected tradition in both ancient and contemporary cultures. Whether you are looking to resolve specific issues or would like to enhance your present situation, psychotherapy is often a good place to begin.

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Individual Therapy

My psychotherapeutic approach is founded in cognitive-behavioral philosophy. I conceptualize clients' concerns from a holistic perspective which recognizes many different aspects of the individual. Learn More»

Couple's Therapy

Couple’s therapy is when two partners come together to learn skills for improving and enhancing their relationship. Learn More»

Stress Management

Stress management gives you a tool kit for coping effectively with stress before the ravages of chronic stress result in irreparable damage. Learn More»
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